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About the Club & Trust

The Supporters Club, established since 1949, and Supporters Trust, formed in 2005, merged in the summer of 2012.

Combining a proud heritage and a more campaigning approach, amalgamating has reduced duplicated overheads and allowed fans with dual membership to pay one fee. Having one enlarged supporters’ group has also provided greater clarity for fans that want to join or become actively involved.

This is a very proactive fans group, running match day bars, Q&A sessions, events, statue appeals, fans representation, programme services, campaigns, petitions, surveys and much more.

Getting involved or joining couldn’t be simpler! To get involved, simply contact us via the details on the contact page or come along to a meeting. To join, just e-mail our membership secretary ( or join online here.

For details of some of the campaigns and initiatives that we run / have run, click here.