Minutes – July 2015

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Wednesday 1st July 2015



Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 1st July 2015, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun, BS3 2EA




Present   Board – Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams (minutes), Martin Bees, Jon Darch, Marie Day

Members – John Croker, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Guests – Tom Murphy, Linda Giddes (née Atyeo), Carol Clarke (née Atyeo), Ben Biggs, John King and one other

Apologies – Marina Dolman, James Nicholls, Jon Watts, Trina Watts; David Lloyd, Peter Smith


  1. Atyeo Statue

The meeting welcomed John Atyeo’s daughters Linda and Carol as well as Tom Murphy on his third visit to Bristol. The maquette was unveiled and during his talk Tom brought out two detailed busts of John Atyeo 30cm/1 ft high. One had a bronze finish like the finished statue, the other was white, which showed up the details well in light and shadow. The only detail Linda & Carol queried was that the nose should be slightly more broken, which Tom will put into effect in the finished statue. Linda & Carol will search for profile images of their father.

The statue should take seven months to produce so a start needs to be made within four months.

The main media launch could be on 10th October 2015, which is an international break.

Sean Takle said he may have useful media company contact. [all actions – Mike]


  1. Stadium – arrangements for the coming season

Police are due to attend our next meeting on Wednesday 5th August.

There should be a ‘test game’ for the new stand before the first league match.

Supporters Bar

  1. We have a permanent area from 2016/17 onwards in the Community Corner
  2. The area we can use 2015/16 appears to have a (low) capacity of around 100
  3. Bristol Sport want a new criterion ‘minimum spend per member’, which we will oppose
  4. The mode of access to the main concourse for Atyeo supporters is still unclear
  5. Accommodation for the Programme Club (and other programme sellers) is unknown
  6. We, BCSCT also wish to have a position in the concourse to interact with supporters [all actions – Stu]


  1. Membership Matters

Mike circulated a paper (qv) on ways forward and the following were agreed:

Newsletter – not regular but constantly under review to issue when justified – link to file by email, FaceBook, Twitter etc

Diamond & Gold members – to take up their rights re: Atyeo Statue

Supporters Bar – confirm capacity and current members; if space, offer to diamond & gold members

Statue – confirm table of subscribers, collect stories of Atyeo and ‘Ashton Gate as it used to be’ – publicise in the match programme

Maquettes and busts for sale – confirm with Tom and take orders during the coming season

Lapsed members – drive to recover [all actions – Mike with assistance as requested]



A problem has arisen with the acquisition of shares according to our membership rules. The Football Club thinks it would have to offer out shares to the general public and is hoping to offer us an alternative, which would have implications for our funds. An agreement was made with Steve Lansdown when the Trust was formed in 2005, however we are still searching for recorded proof in the form of an email. This problem will have to be solved before funds can be used for the Atyeo Statue. [action – Stu & Miles]


  1. Accounts

James Thomas is putting together accounts for all the outstanding years. According to Supporters Direct, we may have to amend our constitution to introduce the simpler auditing process, which is nevertheless allowed in law. [action – Stu & Miles]


  1. Future of FAN

David Lloyd had approached us with a proposal, which we will follow up. [action – Stu]


  1. Supporter Liaison job description

We have the recommendations from Supporters Direct, which will be communicated to David Lloyd at an opportune time. [action – Stu & Jon D]


  1. Patron of BCST – Dawn Primarolo MP Bristol South standing down

It was decided not to ‘replace’ Dawn with the new MP for Bristol South as we already have Paul Cheesley.


  1. Next meeting – Wednesday 5th August

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