Minutes – January 2016

Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 6th January 2016



Board                      Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams (minutes), Jon Darch, Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, James Nicholls, Jon Watts, Trina Watts

Members              John Croker, Sean Takle

Guest                      Julie Hayward (Avon & Somerset Police SLO)


  1. BCSCT share fund

No action was agreed until we have a definite alternative use for the funds.

  1. Accounts

James Nicholls reported good progress made with 2013 & 2014 accounts and 2015 should be straightforward.  The meeting expressed its thanks to accountant James Thomas.  Auditing process will cause some delay so that an April AGM is unlikely.  A new target was agreed – AGM to be held on the opening of the new Supporters Bar in Autumn 2016.

  1. Postal address

We will set up a Postal Box.  Marie [action] was authorised to do this at a cost of approximately £210 + VAT per annum.

  1. Heritage/Fan Engagement with Andrew Billingham

There was not much to report.  BS/BCFC have no plans to change the Club crest.

  1. Fans Advisory Network

The November minutes had been circulated (qv).  Officers Jeremy Palmer (Chair), Miles Hendy (Vice Chair) and Mike Adams (Secretary) are to meet on 27 January to chart the way forward.  Andrew Billingham regards FAN as his avenue for consulting with fans.

  1. Supporters Liaison Officer

We have sent Supports Direct’s SLO job description to BCFC but have made little progress and the Club is talking about the role being split across three individuals.  It was agreed to release a statement to be drafted by Jon Darch and Miles Hendy [action].  We will place the matter on the 9th February agenda.

  1. Birmingham Legal Case

One case is being taken forward.  A letter is being sent to West Midlands Police, who will have until April to admit liability or produce reasons for litigation.  [A short break followed]

  1. Supporters Bar

Current Bar – few problems were reported, helped by good stewarding on the door.

Atyeo Stand proposal – the January meeting was postponed pending a full report from the architects.

  1. Club Official on OTIB

Mark Kelly now has a club officials account and has been responding to fans queries/questions/concerns directly.  The section is pre-moderated.  Mark has said he is only able to respond to stadium/catering queries, as that is his remit.  If someone posts a question that isn’t for him, he’s asking them to email him so he can pass it on to the right person.

  1. Ask the owner

SL may not be able to make the Forest game so we are looking for venues for Charlton (quite appropriate given the turmoil they are in with ownership and decisions being made about managers and players).

  1. Statue

Tom Murphy is on schedule.  David Lane is due to pay us a visit in preparation for the Atyeo book.

  1. Garland Or Me!

Mike reported a play about BCFC set in 1976/77 season.  Its Autumn 2016 debut may be at The Old Vic, The Tobacco Factory or Ashton Gate.  Talks to explore the latter take place on 20 January.  A survey of fans to inform those talks will be circulated with our impending newsletter. [action Mike, Stu & Jon]

  1. BCFC prices for away fans 2016/17 (AOB)

Agreed – ask BCFC to charge away fans maximum £20.  A fall-back position is to limit this price to Clubs which make a reciprocal agreement.  This matter to be put on the next FAN agenda.

  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday 3 February.

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