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Reliving that FA Cup win at Liverpool

This event, held on Thursday January 24th 2019 in the Sports Bar, marked the 25th anniversary of one of the club’s greatest ever nights.

Brian Tinnion was  joined by former teammates Mark Shail, Keith Welch, Andy Llewelyn, Rob Edwards and Martin Scott to remember the famous 1-0 FA Cup win against Liverpool in 1994. Also attending were Tony Fawthrop, the Assistant manager and Phil Tottle, the Radio Bristol commentator.

As we all know, Tins scored the 67th minute winner against Liverpool in the third Round replay on January 25th 1994. 

We relived all the action on the big screen, with memories and stories shared through a Q&A session hosted by Mark Tovey. Then the players mixed with fans for pictures and photographs.

It was good to see a good representation of other football club officials and coaching staff turn out for the event as well. We were joined by Marina Dolman, Jon Lansdown, Mark Ashton, Lee Johnson, Dean Holden, Jamie McCallister and Scott Murray.

This was a  charity event, in a partnership between the Football Club and Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust, a collaboration that worked well, with thanks to Mike Adams from the Trust and our SLO Matt Parsons.

All proceeds raised on the night will be donated to the Bristol City Community Trust. This currently stands at over £850



A lot has happened since the Supporters Club formed in 1949, the Supporters Trust was set up in 2005 and the two groups merged in 2012. Many aspects of a City fan’s everyday life today, like the club shop, CATS away coaches and the matchday lottery, were originally begun by the Supporters Club, while the list below shows some of the milestones achieved by the Trust and latterly the Supporters Club & Trust in more recent years.

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Season Ticket

No rush to renew #fansnotclients

It is clear from the outpouring of anger and sheer disbelief on social media, in the media, through the FSF, via FAN and directly to us that the decision to force families to relocate their season tickets or face price increases of over 300%, is deeply unpopular. This is the feeling amongst the wider fan base, not just those directly affected.

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Browse a selection of City-related items below and in the categories shown to the right, search for others via the ‘Search’ function or go to the Amazon Homepage via ‘Amazon Home’. Every purchase you make in any of these ways will earn the Supporters Club & Trust a small commission, which we will put towards the running costs of the ‘OTIB’ fans’ forum.

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