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Still Baffled and Still Angry – Season Tickets

On Wednesday 7th March a joint Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust and Bristol City FAN meeting was held at a packed Supporters Bar in Ashton Gate to discuss the Club’s recent Season Ticket announcement. Responding to questions on behalf of the Football Club were Mark Ashton, Doug Harman and Gavin Marshall.

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Baffling Season Ticket Increases

The Supporters Club & Trust are somewhat baffled by the timing and pricing strategy for the 2018/19 season tickets. In what appears to be a concerted effort to free up arguably the best and most lucrative seats, the impact has fallen squarely on parents with children under 12 who are facing an increase in price for the child’s seat from £50 currently to £335 next season if they wish to stay where they sit at present, often with other family members and friends. Whilst we were not consulted in this instance, FAN was asked for opinions in January but not given the opportunity to offer any feedback on the proposed pricing structure before it was announced yesterday. We have all been taken a bit by surprise, especially with just 3 weeks to find the cash to retain our seats when the season still has 2 months to run.

We recognise that the entry-level price to watch, what will at least be Championship (or possibly Premier League) football, is still good. What is hard to reconcile is that this decision impacts hardest the loyal supporters who are bringing their kids along to a stadium that is not sold out each week. Whilst we all want success for our football club, we would argue that this should not come at any price.

Come on the Bristol City Board, we urge you to revise your thinking on this one. Withdraw these proposals and commit to some meaningful consultation by meeting with fans next Wednesday evening at 7.30pm in the Supporters Bar.

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Supporters Bar open to all

The Supporters Club & Trust bar on the first floor of the Sports Bar & Pizzeria at Ashton Gate is opening its doors at half-time and after matches to all City fans. While access before games will remain exclusively for SC&T members, any supporter can now get a drink (and a seat!) in the Supporters Bar at all other times on matchdays. Read More

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We shall not be moved

10 Bristol City supporters who are not considered a risk or involved in football related disorder were surrounded and threatened with force including the use of police dogs, publicly accused of being hooligans by an inspector using a megaphone, detained for over 90 minutes and put back on a train home without being allowed to attend the game they had come to watch. They had all travelled to the game independently, didn’t all know each other and had tickets for the match.  Read More